Hot air balloon solo necklace ombre silver


Color: Fuchsia
Chain length

Handcrafted with love in sterling silver, this ombre hot air balloon necklace will take you on a journey through blue skies and new horizons. It will lift your spirits and add subtle gradient colors to your outfit that will peak through. You can personalize your ombre necklace by selecting your favorite pigment color and I will decorate the envelope of the balloon with fading enamel from saturated to translucent. It is a unique see-through design similar to my multiglitter version.

A gold version of the ombre hot air balloon is also available there.

Did you know that the Montgolfier brothers from Ardeche, France, invented the hot air balloon? In French we say "montgolfière" to pay homage to the inventors of that poetic means of travel! You can read more about them here.

Material: the balloon, the chain and the clasp are in 925 sterling silver.

Size: the balloon pendant is about 2 inches high (4.8cm).