Daisy spinner necklace


Daisy center

The Marguerite Daisy spinning necklace is an ode to the French kids game "effeuiller la marguerite" that has been translated into "(s)he loves me, (s)he loves me not". The person playing picks a marguerite and remove its petals one by one reciting in order "il m'aime" (he loves me), "un peu" (a little), "beaucoup" (a lot), "passionement" (passionately), "a la folie" (madly) and "pas du tout" (not at all). The final romantic verdict comes on the last petal.

I created this fidget necklace to mimic the game, you can spin the marguerite daisy inside the pendant and one petal at a time will appear, completing the enameled marguerite and showing one of the five sayings in French. On the back of the pendant I engraved "L'amour est un jeu d'enfants" which means "Love is a kids game".

The pendant is micron plated with 14k yellow gold and hangs off a 30 inches long beautiful gold filled bar chain. I hope you will enjoy wearing this labor of love!