Chrysalis necklace silver


Color: Black & Gray & White & Silver glitter
Chain length

I conceived and fabricated the silver chrysalis necklace as a bridge between the animal and the mineral worlds. The facets of the cocoon refer to the intricate shapes found in the wings of the butterflies and cicadas but also to a raw quartz crystal.

I found amusing to find out that the very word "chrysalis" comes from the Greek "chrysos" that means gold because on the cocoon of many butterflies (including the famous monarch), we see beautiful gold dots on the surface and it is quite mesmerizing to find gold in the fauna. You will see here a picture of monarch cocoons with these gold dots I took during my visit of the Butterfly Conservatory exhibit at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. By the way, a gold version of the chrysalis is also available here.

The silver chrysalis is also a symbol for change and transformation. The journey it embraces from the caterpillar stage to the full blown butterfly beauty carries a deeper empowering meaning about trust in our own capacity for metamorphosis and growth through the different cycles of our life.

As each butterfly is unique, each silver chrysalis necklace is unique so pick your favorite combination of 4 enamel colors and also the length of the chain you would like your precious cocoon to dangle on.

Material: The chrysalis as well as the chain and clasp are in solid 925 sterling silver. Since I make every chrysalis necklace from scratch, you can request custom colors, to get in touch just fill out the contact form there.