Butterfly ring silver


Color: Coral & Mint
American ring size

A butterfly just landed on your hand and makes your heart flutter. You won't stop staring at the intricate wings details of this butterfly ring. It is a tribute to the colorful winged creatures of the forest. It features three different colors of enamel filled inlays: mint green, white and a third color of your choice.

Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and rebirth. Wearing this butterfly ring is a good reminder to embrace changes that inevitably come into our lives.


Both the butterfly and the wire band are in 925 sterling silver. The ring is polished to a high mirror finish.


I will handcraft this delicate and feminine ring just for you so if your size is not listed below feel free to simply write your desired ring size in the order. I would be happy to accommodate you and make it even in half size if you want.


Please remove your ring when you wash your hands, practice sports, shower or do the dishes. Humidity and heat would damage the enamel so this butterfly feels safer when stored in a sealed bag in your bedroom and not in your bathroom.

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