Butterfly necklace blue gold


Color: Turquoise & Pastel blue
Chain length

A blue butterfly is perceived as a wish-granter, if you spot one consider yourself very lucky! The Blue Morpho is the most well-known blue specimen. It has iridescent vivid blue wings with black edges and they can be as wide as 8 inches, placing the Blue Morpho among the largest butterfly in the world.


This blue butterfly necklace is more on the dainty side though: it is a bit under 1 inch wide and half an inch high. It makes for a perfect everyday necklace that can be layered with other longer chains or a choker. I hand enamel it with two shades: pastel and turquoise blue in the order of your preference.


I designed the wings in a geometric way and you would be surprised to know that geometry is omnipresent in the real lepidopter too. Indeed, pigmentation is not the cause of the shiny iridescent blue in the Morpho butterfly wings. The striking color comes from the way light reflects off of microscopic pyramid-shaped scales on the backs of the butterfly’s wings.

Other colors of butterfly necklaces are also available:


The butterfly itself spreads its wings about 1 inch wide.

Regarding the chain length, you can select your favorite from the menu and I will always add a 1.5 inches long extension chain too.


The pendant is in 14k gold micron plated bronze and does not contain nickel or copper.

The chain, clasp and adjustment chain are all in 14k gold filled.

Handmade means customizable:

Since I do make all the jewelry from scratch by hand you can fully customize your necklace. You can change the enamel colors by selecting two shades from my enamel chart here. Once you found your favorite colors, simply write them in the order note.

Also, if you want to learn more about the Blue Morpho butterfly, you can find an interesting article here.



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Atticus Lipelt



My niece loves it!!!!!