Art Deco Bicolor Gold Necklace


I immediately fell in love with this not bicolor but tricolor genuine tourmaline! It is a stunning 6.15cts certified emerald cut watermelon tourmaline featuring hues of pastel green, brown and pink and is extremely clear. To be cohesive with the multiple colors of the gemstone I used both yellow and rose gold for its setting. I felt it had an Art Deco vibe to it so I set it with a symmetrical geometric open bezel on top and at the bottom in 14k yellow gold while the sides are punctuated with 14k rose gold rounded baguettes that serve as decorative prongs. The 14k yellow gold chain is matching the style of the pendant with its filed elongated rectangle links. It is 16 inches long but feel free to get in touch if you would prefer it on a longer chain. This is a one of a kind piece due to the unique nature of the center gemstone.