Bolt mini necklace


Finish: Sterling silver
Chain length

A dainty bolt necklace inspired by David Bowie's iconic album cover, Aladdin Sane, released in 1973. With that album, Bowie retired his legendary Ziggy Stardust character to let a new glam rock icon come to life: Aladdin Sane which is a pun for "a lad insane".

I made this tribute mini bolt necklace upon the request of my friend Cristina who is a die-hard Bowie fan and I thought she might not be the only one to want to sport her admiration for the glam rock star. This hand enameled lightning bolt necklace would make a great gift for the David Bowie fans in your life. This is the mini bolt necklace version, a larger size is also available here and also hoop earrings are there.


The lightning bolt is approximately 1/2 inch high.

You can pick the chain length and I will also add an 1.5 inches long adjustment chain to it.


If you opt for the gold finish, the lightning bolt is in 14k gold micron plated bronze and the chains and clasp are in 14k gold filled.

If you opt for the silver finish, the bolt pendant, the chains and clasp are all in 925 sterling silver.

For a more in depth article about Bowie's transition from Ziggy Stardust to Aladdin Sane you can read here.