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These lightning bolt ear threaders are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. They will sway with each step you take and their bright coral and turquoise enamel will add a subtle touch of color and playfulness to your look. They are adjustable in length: simply insert the post and pull to lead the chain until you like where the bolt falls.

If you have a second piercing on your ear lobe, you will find many different ways to wear them. You can indeed choose to thread them through your first and second hole and starting from the front or the back. You can leave a part of the chain between the two piercings dangling or keep it tight, it’s up to you. So many ways to rock them!

I made these fashion forward bolt ear threaders as a tribute to star singer David Bowie. Indeed, they depict the makeup style he is wearing across hos face on album cover Aladdin Sane. These earrings would make a perfect gift for the glam rock icon fans.


The mini lightning bolt is 1/2 inch high. The chain + bar post are 3 inches long in total.


If you choose the gold finish, the ear threader is in 14k yellow gold filled while the lightning bolt is in 14k gold plated bronze. If you opt for the silver finish, the ear threader and lightning bolt are both in 925 sterling silver.

These mini bolt ear threaders are handmade with care in New York City and come beautifully wrapped in gold flakes silk paper in a signed Virginie Millefiori gift box.

If you would like to see more Bowie themed jewelry I also make:

To read more about David Bowie’s persone Aladdin Sane, here is an interesting article.

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    The earrings were a gift to a David Bowie fan who absolutely loved them.

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