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My jewelry in context #2

The sweetness of the slightly acid lollipop, the bright colors of the balloons rising in the sky, the afternoons in the garden spent to make up stories, the cold of this chocolate ice cream on the teeth, this dizzy feeling after hours on the swing… These childhood memories will never die.

Tim Walker, one of my favorites photographers, knows particularly well how to keep this extraordinary sense of imagination and staging only a grown up creative child could have. I try not to include all his photographs because it’s impossible to choose. To see more of his amazing work, here is his official website.

This context illustrates my jump rope necklace as a wink to childhood and as a drop of carefreeness in our busy lives. The necklace is available in silver or gold plated version in a wide range of enamel colors. Feel free to email me for any custom made request.

From left to right and top to bottom:

Image 1 by Tim Walker, image 2 by The Groovy Baker, image 3 by Peggy Wolf , image 4 by Tim Walker, image 5 is my jump rope necklace, image 6 by Simplymodernmom and image 7 by Shehitpausestudios