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Monsteras everywhere

In the previous post I explained a little bit about monsteras, these pretty heart shaped leaves plant, popping in every corner of the internet and of our living spaces. The one living in my office inspired my little capsule collection and I thought I would share a round up with you of some of my Monstera finds on the interwebs!

monstera wish list

1- Print by Hermanogato. 2- Ring by Virginie Millefiori. 3- Pouch by 83oranges. 4- Sweater by Weekday. 5- Clutch by Sarah’s Bag. 6- Necklace by Virginie Millefiori. 7- Vegan leather pouch by Weftandhide. 8- Hoops by Virginie Millefiori. 9- Lace up sandal by Charlotte Olympia. 10- Chair by Philip Ahlström.