Monarch Butterfly Necklace Gold


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A monarch butterfly is the symbol of transformation and the advent of a new life. It brings change and new opportunities, so grab this one!

The monarch butterfly is considered the king of all butterflies in the world. You have certainly already come across some of them in your life, they have characteristic bright orange and black wing colors. I have attempted to recreate the delicate and intricate wing patterns and colors through my metal and enamel work.

Handmade means customizable:

I handcraft this necklace in New York City in the most environmental friendly way possible. Since I do make all the jewelry from scratch by hand you can fully customize your necklace. You can change the enamel colors by selecting two shades from my enamel chart here. Once you found your favorite colors, simply write them in the order note: write your desired primary color (here this is coral for example) and secondary color of choice. You can also pick a different chain length  at no additional charge, just write it in the order note.

Other colors of butterfly necklaces are also available:


The butterfly itself spreads its wings about 1 inch wide.

It is attached on both side to a chain of the length of your choice and comes with a 1.5 inches adjustment chain.



The pendant is in 14k micron gold plated bronze and does not contain nickel or copper.

The chain, clasp and adjustment chain are all in 14k gold filled.


If you are interested in learning more about monarch butterflies, there is an extensive article you can read here.



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