Eclipse Ear Jackets Silver


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These Ear jackets are minimal chic and versatile. You can wear them many different ways:

  • with the enamel stud in front and visible enameled eclipse behind the lobe.
  • with the enamel stud in front and plain metal side of the eclipse behind the lobe.
  • the enamel stud alone without the behind the lobe part.
  • the behind the lobe part either side you want with another plain studs of yours.

Adaptable: the Eclipse ear jacket has 3 holes on top of each other to be able to fit most ear sizes, shape and placement of earring hole on the lobe. If your earring hole sits quite low insert the post at the lowest hole of the ear jacket to make it sit higher. If your earring hole is placed in the center of your ear lobe, insert the post on the highest hole of the ear jacket to make it sit lower.

Material: 925 sterling silver

Diameter of the stud : 3/16” that is roughly 5mm.

Diameter of the Eclipse back: 7/16” which approximately 1,1 cm.


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