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Necklaces for women are always a good gift idea because you don’t need to worry too much about the size like you do when choosing a ring. With our wide array of styles, lengths, colors and prices, we believe you will be able to find the perfect necklace for you or to offer .

Here you will find some cute and whimsical necklaces like the popsicle, the jump rope player and the pinwheel which all feature bright enamel colors. If you are looking for minimalist or geometric jewelry you will certainly opt for our mini garland necklace, it is very dainty and will make you feel like you throw a happy party around your neck. Eventually, if you are looking to glam up your outfit for a night out, you will certainly choose our classy eclipse necklace with a sparkly stone of your choice.

All our necklaces feature chains, clasps and assembling parts either in 925 sterling silver or 14kt gold filled depending on your finish selection. If you would like to have a custom piece made just for you or have a current piece made out of solid gold or with a different stone, please get in touch. we would love to help you realize your idea.