Ethical jewelry

Environmental Policy

I handcraft eco-friendly jewelry in New York City, my collection is sold throughout the United States and internationally. I am passionate about the living consciously and committed to continually improving my environmental performance as part of my business strategy and operations. I hope as a customer you will enjoy reading a bit of background to how I am doing my small part to provide you with not only a beautiful but also environmentally friendly product.


Metals: All metals are sourced from a supplier certified to sell fine gold, silver and brass with 100% recycled content.


Gems: I strive to ensure all gemstones I use in my jewelry are ethically sourced. I am really concerned with the principles behind the diamond industry. For me, the best way to ensure that a diamond is not from an area of conflict is to purchase a cultured diamond. A lab-grown diamond should not be confused with cubic zirconia or other types of “fake” diamond; it is a real diamond, but one that happens to be completely cruelty-free. Should I use a naturally produced diamond it will be from a retailer who sources diamonds who abides by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, a system which is designed to eradicate the blood diamond from the global gem trade.


Leather: All leather I use in my pieces is 100% reused from offcuts generated by the leather goods industry.


Packaging: Your jewelry will arrive to your home in a pretty signed jewelry box made from 100% recycled paper. My business cards and promotional material are all printed on paper sourced from sustainable forests and chlorine free.


Local Suppliers: I am also passionate about supporting local businesses. I ensure that all my supplies and subcontractor services are sourced from local businesses so supporting the local community and reducing C02 emissions by avoiding lengthy transport.



In an effort to bring support to organizations close to my heart and values, my company will be donating:


I am committed to running my business in an environmentally friendly way. To ensure this continues and to collaborate and learn from other businesses my company is currently in the process of becoming B Certified through B Corporation. B Corporation is a nonprofit organization that serves a global movement of entrepreneurs using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. If you want to read more about this fantastic scheme click here.