Earrings category


All our earrings are made for pierced ears but if you want to have them customized for you as clip earrings just drop us a note in your order form and we will most likely be able to accommodate your request, the only exception being for the double sided earrings like the Sun and Moon . All posts and french ear wires used in our jewelry is either in 925 sterling silver or in 14kt gold filled in order to be suitable for even the most sensitive ears. If you wanted to have them in solid gold, please get in touch with us via the contact form.

We offer a wide range of posts earrings in various styles. Our most popular are the geometric ones: the mini confetti studs that are also perfect as second hole earring and the enameled triangle studs available in sterling silver or gold vermeil.

Ladies with longer hair often prefer dangling earrings because they are more visible than stud earrings. Of course, we would not want to miss an occasion to make them happy! You will find various styles of long earrings. Our favorite ones are the pyramid earrings because they present two different enamel colors as they spin when you move the head. We also offer the very popular double sided Sun & Moon earrings along with a newly introduced style of ear jackets featuring beautiful iridescent opals.