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Why I thank you

thank you for your support for my small business

Ok I know what you think “the french girl got it all wrong with Thanksgiving timing this year” but it’s even more special out of the planified occasion no?

Earlier this year I thought I would send out a newsletter to my subscribers thanking them for their support in 2012 but then I realized how often I received emails like that from brands I bought from and how impersonal it felt. What I wanted to thank them for was more than just buying a piece of jewelry from me, it was also and mostly for 7 good reasons.

Enthusiasm. When I have a new idea I get all excited about it and can’t wait to make it come true into a tangible piece of jewelry but then when comes the time to show it out I get all nervous and doubtful. Hearing all these compliments at shows, seeing those smiles and sparkle in the eyes while trying on my new stuff is really my best reward.

Follow up. I love receiving emails like “my wife loved the necklace I got her from your shop for Christmas” or seeing pictures on Instagram of customers commenting “showing off my new double chevron ring by @virginiemillefiori” or reading on Facebook “my boyfriend ordered me the triangle earrings as a late birthday gift, I love them so much. Thank you!”

Recommendation. Word of mouth is the secret of successful brands, no doubt about it. This is why I’m so thankful when thanks to an Instagram post from Kristine I met Mayumi who came at my booth in Nolita to see my bracelet-rings; or when Brooke showed her new ring to her sister who then ordered online a matching set in silver.

Trust & Honor. I felt very specially honored when I received orders from men who wanted to propose to their girlfriend with one of my rings. Some wanted a fun unconventional pixel ring while others came with a very moving story and specific idea in mind that we’ve been working on together. I will write a post about one of them soon.

Feedback & Honesty. Jewelry making is often a learning curve process, that’s just how it is. In the beginning I was using 18 gauge sterling silver wire to make my double chevron ring because I wanted them dainty and delicate. After she received her ring, a customer wrote me “I love this ring so much I just wish it would not come out of shape so easily”. As soon as I read it I made her a new ring using this time 16 gauge wire that I hammered to harden it. I guess she was happy with the new one because she wrote “this ring is the very best purchase I have made thus far!! Thank you! I will be back!”.

Ideas. Two years ago when I started doing my own enamel I was using my set of ready made bright colors as such. Once, I was contacted by a girl who wanted to have a pastel pink version of my pinwheel bracelet. It seems so obvious it sounds stupid but I was shocked how beautiful the contrast between the opaque pastel color and the bright golden pinwheel came out. It inspired me to create my range of mint on gold pieces that have since then become my best sellers.

Motivation. If one had told me when I first started out that I would receive emails from customers asking me when is my new collection due I wouldn’t have believed it but now I do get these excited emails asking for more. I can’t tell how grateful I am to receive that and how it motivates me to come up with more challenging pieces.

THANK YOU, you know WHY! 😉

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  1. Wow!!! I love this post! I got goosebumps reading it!
    Thank YOU! 🙂
    Plein de bises de Paris, my dear!

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