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Snowy mood

I know it’s February 2013 already and I don’t dare looking at the date of my last post but you know what? Since Nemo – the snow storm – hit New York last Friday, the city covered by a white coat brings me back 2 month ago in the Holiday mood! At the time I was exhibiting at One of a Kind show in Chicago presenting for the first time my little winter friend that had been ready for almost a year now, let me introduce to you Rudolf the reindeer!



At the show, Rudolf had the honor to be featured in the Fashion Accessory selection curated by the stylists from OOAK. Look at him below so proud in his box! At my booth, Rudolf was not alone in the forest. He was surrounded by some of his cousins, either in their silver or golden coats as you can see.

deer necklace ooak


Rudolf has now gained his independence from his old day job with Father Christmas and is henceforth free to hang out in the forest as he wants but just for you he thought he could do the gift giving job one more time: for his last performance he brings you my first creation incorporating a real 1.5mm diamond in a very dainty and cute triangle ring, check it out! A celebration following another Valentine’s Day is coming so… 🙂