The Origin of the Heart

Love fills the air all over again at this time of the year. As ladies

Monsteras everywhere

In the previous post I explained a little bit about monsteras, these pretty heart shaped
monstera delicisosa necklaces

Monstera fever

Why calling such a beautiful plant a monster will you say ? Well, if you
7 magic mountains blog cover

7 Magic Mountains

As more often than not, I discovered about the 7 Magic Mountains while browsing through my
how to easily determine your ring size at home

Determine your ring size

Shopping online for rings very often comes down to which ring size to order and
delpozo models

Fashion crush: Delpozo by Josep Font

I often get the question: “where does your inspiration come from” and my answer is
the gold quality scale

Gold jewelry quality scale

This diagram serves as a summary of the three precedent articles. Solid gold jewelry is indisputably
the quality of gold plating

The 3 qualities of gold plated jewelry

What is Gold vermeil? Gold vermeil is a denomination used to refer to silver coated
gold filled wire

3 things you should know about gold filled

What is Gold filled made up of? Gold filled, also known as “rolled gold” or
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