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How to pick Mother’s Day gifts

mother's day gifts selection

Mother’s Day is on May 14th this year, a little less than a month away, but you are still on time to find that perfect gift for your mom, mother in law or the mother figure you want to honor.

I have curated below the best Mother’s Day gifts according to your special mom’s style, for each budget, for new moms and also personalized jewelry ideas.

Gifts for Every Mom’s style

First you have to consider what kind of jewelry she usually wears: is she more into necklaces, earrings or rings? What color metal does she typically go for: silver, yellow gold or pink gold? Is she more into statement pieces or is her style more on the dainty side? Once you answer these questions you can further refine your selection by interests. I have compiled a non exhaustive list of ideas per mom’s style:

The Green-thumbed mom

The sweet-toothed mom

The animal loving mom

The active mom

Gifts for new Moms

When you are a new mom, it is very common to feel overwhelmed and tired because there are so many new habits and responsibilities to undertake. It is a very vulnerable time in a woman’s life and I would focus on things that would make her life easier and give her a smoother transition into motherhood: some me-time with a massage, comforting nursing pillows, cozy outfits or gift cards to meal delivery services. As for jewelry, I would stay away from rings and necklaces that could get in the way when caring for baby and opt for nap friendly hypoallergenic earrings.

Mother’s Day gifts for every budget

Under $50

Under $100

Under $200

Under $500

Sending Love to Mom

Personalized Mother’s Day gifts

Customize with her favorite color

Virginie hand enameling jewelry

As you probably know, I mix the pigments and hand apply the enamel on all colored jewelry pieces myself so I can create custom colors too. If you don’t see your mom’s favorite color in the options, please get in touch and I would be happy to create that special enamel tint that makes her heart swell.

Personalize with birthstones

Birthstones are a great way to symbolize each kid’s birth month in mother’s jewelry. Depending on the number of kids and if the partner’s birthstone is added to the mix as well, you can pick jewelry with either:

Number of gemstones

Personalize with engraving

You can surprise your mom with a secret personal short message and have it engraved inside a ring or more prominently on a bar necklace. My “no crying’ necklace is a cheeky mom’s favorite for obvious reasons but you can always contact me if you have another saying in mind for her.

Bespoke jewelry for mom

If you want to wow your mom with a completely bespoke piece of jewelry please get in touch ASAP and fill in my bespoke form inquiry here. Examples of bespoke work I have done are:

I hope this Mother’s Day jewelry gift guide inspired you and remember that the most important thing is not the gift itself but the intention, so if jewelry is not in your budget this year, a card, a flower and a hug will win her heart for sure.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!